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When you Play Paintball for the first time, play on the edge of the field so that half of the field cannot shoot you. Shadow is an experienced player. Be sure to have your gun ready at all times. Stay on your feet to reduce the time it takes to escape. The best bunker is a large, wide tree or a tall, wide bunker that keeps you on your feet.

Don’t wear a hoodie unless it is really cold. Make sure you wear sneakers over boots to remain agile. Keep your head turned to avoid unnecessary flanking. Whenever you plan to make a move, be sure it will not be unsafe.

So, in this article, we will guide you on How To Play Paintball properly without any inconvenience. We will tell you which items you need to play the game. We will also throw light on some general rules and safety to play the game without any hassle.

How to Play Paintball:

how to play paintball gun

Playing paintball sport is not a piece of cake, it requires practice, skill, and education in the field to give your best. The sport is played for different purposes I-e training, fun, and tournament. However, whatever the purpose is you need to know how to play paintball to enjoy the game without any hassle.

Necessary Equipment’s:

To play paintball, you need some equipment that is extremely essential to play the game. Following is the equipment you need to play paintball.

Paintball Marker:
A paintball marker is the most essential thing to have to play paintball. Without a paintball marker, you cannot even suppose to play paintball. There are a variety of paintball markers available in the market for you to buy. You can pick the top one for you according to your wants and necessities. We recommend you to read Buyer’s Guide to help you buy the best, classic marker for you.

Paintball Mask:
The second thing you need to play paintball with is the “paintball mask”. Paintball allows you to play paintball securely without any inconvenience. It keeps your skin protected. It also keeps your skin away from any untidiness. If you do not have a paintball marker already, you can buy a mask separately.

Eye Protection Googles:
Safety must be your top priority. Eye protection Goggles are good to protect your eyes from getting any injury. It saves your eyes from dust as well as paintball. Paintball goggles are different from normal Google’s, so use only paintball-specific goggles to protect your eyes.

Paintballs are as important as paintball markers to play the game. Without these, you won’t be able to play paintball. There is different paintball available for you to choose from I-e rubber balls, woodsball, field paintball. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Paintball Specific Outfit:
As time moved on, players started wearing paintball-specific outfits instead of casual trousers and shirts while playing the game. We also recommend you choose your footwear cautiously. So, do wear paintball specific outfit to play safely.

Precautionary Measures:
Paintball sport is a bit risky and dangerous. Some people get injuries to die for their carelessness. But, no worries, as we are here to help you with this. You can avoid these injuries just by following some precautionary measures.

Following are the safety measures to follow to play the game safely.

  1. Always, always and always wear the paintball mask. Don’t get lazy about it and wear the mask for your safety.
  2. Turn on the safety button to avoid accidental shots.
  3. Always follow the rules strictly.
  4. Keep your paintball markers away from the kids.
  5. Use a barrel blocking device to prevent the gun from giving any accidental shot.
  6. Always wear gloves and goggles to avoid any mess or injury.
  7. Don’t pull the trigger over and over again.
  8. Always follow the referees.

Rules of Paintball:

  1. Always put on safety goggles and facemask for your safety.
  2. Always maintain 10 feet distance and don’t move ahead of that.
  3. Never shoot at the player’s head or neck.
  4. Avoid any physical contact with players.
  5. Alcohol and illegal drugs are strict.
  6. Always shoot on target and never tries to blond shot.
  7. Physical and verbal abuse is not allowed in any case.
  8. Players are not allowed to climb trees, structures, and vehicles.
  9. Never violate these rules to play the game safely without any mess and risk.
  10. Always respect and follow the decision of the referee. Never try to mess with the referee.
  11. If a paintball strikes you it means you are out. Raise your hands to show that you are out of the game.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Is playing paintball safe?
A: Yes, playing paintball is completely safe. A recent study about it shows that only 0.2 percent of people get injured due to the carelessness of players. But we have discussed safety rules in our guide to go through that to play safely.

Q: Does a paintball hurt after hitting?
A: Yes, paintball hurt after hitting. But, the pain is not major and goes away quickly. The extremeness of injury, however, depends on the speed of the ball.

Q: What is the best age for kids to play paintball?
A: Paintball sport is a bit tricky and complicated for kids to play. It is recommended that the best age for kids to start playing paintball is 12. At that age, kids are somewhat able to understand the technicalities of the game.

Q: Can a paintball gun kill you?
A: Paintball guns are made for your safety. But there are some registered cases of death due to paintball. But research has shown that paintball is not a dangerous game and death or injuries on part of players.


Overall, playing paintball is more fun and thrill especially if you know “how to play paintball”. We have discussed all the important factors that you should know for playing paintball sport. We recommend you go through it well before playing paintball for your convenience.

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