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If you like to relax yourself recreational activities, then paintball sport is a superb option for you. It is a thrilling, energetic game that is equally beneficial for physical and mental health.
In this editorial, we are going to present to you the “History of paintball sport”. We will comprehensively discuss the origin, evolution, features of this sport. Some facts and rules of paintball sport will also be discussed. So, let’s see.

PaintBall History:

paint ball gun history

Paintball is a recreational sport. It is a shooting sport. The paintball sport is played in teams or individually. The players have to shoot paintballs with a paintball marker to overpower the opponent. In short, it is a competitive shooting game in which player needs two weapons i-e guns, paintballs to play the game.


The paintball game was originated in 1981 in New Hampshire. It was discovered by Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines. The idea of a paintball game came from a casual discussion of survival in woods. The discussion started while Hayes and Charles were having a drink. The debate continued for few years. Then, they found a paint gun in an agricultural catalog. To settle their dispute, they used a paint gun with a team of 10 men and hence originated a sport called paintball.

First official competition of paintball:

The first official competition of paintball was happened to send in 1981. The game was occurred in a wooded field by 12 members. The names of the players are as follows:

  1. Bob
  2. Charles
  3. Ritchie white
  4. Hayes
  5. Jerome Gray
  6. Ronnie
  7. Bob Carlson
  8. Joe Drinnon
  9. Lionel
  10. Ken Barret
  11. Carl Sandquist
  12. Bob jones

The rules of the game were developed by Bob Guernsey. Four flag stations were the target and the winner was allowed to collect the flag first. The players were equipped to kick off the game I-e pistol, paintballs, eye protection, and maps.

The players started off the game with a whistle. They went into the area and applied different strategies to win the game. However, this competition was won by Ritchie white. Ken Barret got eliminated.


Initially, paintball guns or markers were used by loggers and cattlemen. Both used paintball guns for their purpose. However, the beginning of the official paintball industry. Bob Jones had the privilege to publish an article about the game. This propagated the opportunity for Bob Gurnsey to sell a basic package of this sport. The package was sold out dot 150$ including a gun, a handbook, googles, and paintballs.

However, Bob Guernsey’s business of paintball developed and promoted. Gradually, in 1982, he opened a commercial paintball field. His company (National Survival Game) started to grow wider and it began to reach all over the united states.

Apart from his success, the sport as a whole started to widespread in the US. The sport was meant for recreational activities but gradually it gained its recognition as an individual sport. The formal tournament started to occur at the national and organizational levels.


Sport type:
Paintball sport is an adventurous thrilling type of game which can be played by males and females an intense, highly competitive game. It can be played indoors and outdoor. It is the best sport in winter. It is also a good sport for team sports as a whole. Otherwise, it can be played individually for fun or training as well.

Essential equipment:
To play paintball, you need some equipment which is quite essential for the player to play the game.
Following are the things which are necessary to play paintball sports.

  • Paintball marker
  • Safety mask
  • Eye protection goggles
  • Paintball
  • Paintball gloves and pods
  • Helmets
  • Paintball special outfit.

Team member:

Paintball sport is a flexible versatile game that can be played individually and in teams as well. Usually, for thrill and enjoyment, people play this game individually. For training and practice purposes, paintball is played alone without any team or opponent.

But for competitive games and tournaments, paintball is played in teams. The teams usually consist of 3 to 10 members per team.

Facts about paintball:

  • Paintball’s first-ever competition was overpowered by Ritchie White. He won the game without even shooting the paintball. Amazing! Isn’t?
  • In 1992, a professional paintball league was established.
  • It has created a history in the Guinness book of world record. The record was made by Anthony Kelly who caught 11 paintballs in two minutes without any mess.
  • Paintball markers were discovered by Daisy and Crosman in the 1970s.
  • Paintball was initially known as the National Survival Game.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, the story of the invention of the Paintball sport is highly fascinating and captivating. We have discussed all things that you should know about the history of Paintball. So, enjoy the article and get educated!

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