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Playing paintball sports is exciting and fun, but Cleaning Paintball Gun is the most frustrating job. Nevertheless, it is by far, the most important thing to do for the lifespan of your marker. So, we recommend you to do it cautiously and properly.

In this guide, we are going to tell you how to clean a paintball gun. We will also throw light on the importance of cleaning paintball markers and how often you should do this. We will discuss some simple but essential ways to clean a paintball gun.

Ways to clean paintball gun:

clean a paintball gun

Quick clean:
Quick cleaning is a super simple way to clean your paintball gun. Paintball guns usually get ugly after usage so it’s better to clean them as soon as possible. Your negligence can harm the paintball pistol. So, we recommend you clean it after every game to enhance its performance and life span. So, to quickly clean the marker, follow the following steps to get the best results ever.

  • Clean your marker with a squeegee and water.
  • Polish your marker by removing the dust or paint from it.
  • You can also remove the barrel if required.

Deep clean:
The importance of deep cleaning cannot be denied. It is very important and necessary than a quick clean. If you ignore this, your marker can lose its accuracy and functionality. It may turn into a useless toy that is no longer required. So, it’s very important to deep clean your marker at least once a month.

Each pistol has a unique design and construction, so you have to clean it with care. But, we have discovered a universal method to best clean your marker. This method suits all markers available out there.

Steps to deep clean paintball marker:

To deep clean your marker, you first need to disassemble it. Remove the parts to get the best possible results ever. Paintball markers are a bit harmful considering the tank and CO2 cylinder in mind. So, remove the tank first for your convenience and safety. Disassembling these parts will also keep you away from major or minor injuries.

After removing the tank, remove all removable parts. For example, hopper, barrel, magazine, grip frame, bolt, etc. Do remember to put every part in one place for your convenience. This will help you in assembling your marker conveniently without any hassle.

After disassembling, the complex task of cleaning begins. Start with cleaning smaller parts. You can start with cleaning the barrel first. For cleaning the barrel, first, revise it thoroughly. Clean it properly until all the dust and paint stains are removed. Once the barrel is cleaned, put it aside to dry it.

Now, clean the bolt, hopper, and hammer with a towel. Polish these carefully and let them dry.

After cleaning small accessories. Clean the body. Polish the body comprehensively. You can also use a toothbrush to clean minute areas. Usually, the body of a gun has many small holes, which need to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent any jam or stuckness.

After cleaning the marker thoroughly, inspect it carefully. This is important as it will help you see and replace damaged areas. This step is extremely beneficial especially in the case of batteries. Sometimes, paintball guns stop working during the game because of battery maintenance. So, do take care of the battery and work on it (replace) when need.

Now, when you are done cleaning the marker, polish your gun with oil. Before polishing your marker, make sure to dry it completely. Every part of the marker should be dried up to get the best results. Lubricate your marker with guns’ specific oil. There are different types of oil available out there for this purpose. But, be careful to choose the best, high-quality oil to avoid any inconvenience.

Once you have completed all the processes i-e cleaning, drying, and polishing, assemble your marker. Assembling the marker is not easy. It is a critical step that requires a lot of care on your Parr. Negligence at this step can cause you harm. So, be very cautious while assembling your gun. We recommend you read the manual carefully for your convenience.

Importance of cleaning a paintball gun:

Cleaning a paintball gun seems like a tiring job but it is very important to clean it. Many people ignore their guns after usage and neglect the cleaning step. However, leaving your pistol like that can damage and destroy your gun. So, it is a very healthy activity not only for the performance of your gun also for its lifespan.

Following are the benefits of cleaning a paintball gun.

  • It increases the functionality of your marker.
  • It also adds more accuracy and speed to your gun.
  • It adds more durability to your paintball pistol.
  • It enhances the consistency of your marker.
  • It reduces the risk of your marker getting damaged.
  • It saves your time, money, and energy.

Final thoughts:

All in all, cleaning the gun is quite significant for the maintenance and durability of your marker. Therefore, it is imperative to distinguish “how to clean a paintball gun”. In this article, we guided you in detail on cleaning the gun quickly and comprehensively. Go through the guide to get a better result.

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