Best Paintball guns under $100 2021, Features and Reviews:

The paintball weapon has continuously created from an essential and primary pump activity marker into a deed of the present-day building that incorporates all the advanced and up to date innovative developments. It has the control to turn your companions into foes, to appear your bravery within the confronts of peril. For beginners, you don’t need to spend much to buy a great paintball gun. There are high quality and best paintball guns under $100 dollars, from highly reputable manufacturers. There are various best paintballs guns available for this budget.

And if you are looking for a budget-friendly, low price gun with quality, have a look at the list, we have compiled for you.

Best Paintball Guns Under $100:

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If you are a beginner level player or you are looking for the best cheap paintball gun then you are in the right place. we have tried to bring some exciting options for the best paintball guns under 100 dollars available on Amazon. Similarly, if you are on a budget and want to buy a cool paintball gun with features like expensive paintball guns you can benefit from our research. Let’s have a look at the best paintball guns under $100.

NameOur RatingCheck
D3FY Sports Conqu3st⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Empire Spyder Xtra⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Tippmann Gryphon⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Spyder Victor⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
Valken Gotcha Shotgun⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
TM Spyder Opus Rental⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price
JT E-Kast Electronic⭐⭐⭐⭐ Check Price

1-D3FY Sports Conqu3st Paintball Gun:

This gun is one of the best paintball guns under 100$ for a beginner but it is equally good for pros as well. It is well made and incorporates a great quality moderate aluminum body and is best reasonable for the entry-level or tenderfoot player. It is the incredible starter weapon to practice on the field or pitch. This weapon is an exceptionally user-friendly and its a mechanical marker and is truly simple to use and is handheld.

Another best feature about this paintball is that it has a grip wraparound hold plan and comes with tall and great quality polymer trigger It works incredibly and perfectly fits for both speedball or woodsball. Its other features incorporate .68 calibers programmed, melded feed neck that can be clamped down effortlessly and match together with your requests, good quality polymer, aluminum body that gives it smooth glossy plan, 10.5-inch barrel length long, and incorporates a 2-year warranty.

  • User friendly
  • Tool-less design
  • Great performance
  • A bit difficult to clean

Check Price

Conclusively,  it possesses a positive and beneficial review since clients like it and is user friendly. It contains a good rating. In expansion, it is cheap, low-cost paintball gun so,  included in the best paintball guns under $100.

2- Empire Spyder Xtra Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun: 

Empire Spyder Xtra

It is presently an overhauled adaptation of the Kingman’s classic; it is one of the finest paintball weapons under $100 among the entry-level and trainee paintball markers. It is a very customizable and simple gun. You’ll effectively update and recharge a few parts like o ring. It is incredible for an entry-level marker since it has an air-efficient Eco valve framework and aluminum construction.

This weapon has updated processing so that it is simple for cleanup and upkeep. Another feature is that it is ergonomically-designed with aluminum trigger outline and tool-free striker plug. It is made with a tool-free plan and is truly simple for upkeep with no devices required at all. Seen that it has a  proficient Eko valve framework with a spring-loaded ball detent. Furthermore, it has an aluminum clamping bolster neck that contains a 10-inch small scale ported barrel. It works on CO2 or HPA. It can shoot up to 1,600 shots from a 20-oz CO2 tank. Its amazing features make it one of the best paintball guns under $100.

  • Great entry level marker.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Cool ergonomics
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Has somewhat less upgrades.

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Customers also say that it is a great gun for 100$ and it has a good solid feel. This product has good reviews too and therefore included in the best paintball under $100.

3- Tippmann Gryphon, A Durable Paintball Gun: 

It is exceptionally lightweight and it contains features comparable to some expensive markers. This weapon too fires paintballs with speed and velocity and gives you an advantage over the rivals. It is well suited for any player extending from woodball to speedball gun and of course it is included within the best woodball weapon under $100.

Another feature of this is that it comes with a ported barrel and expanded execution. The low-operating pressure is an included advantage. It has highlighted an in-line bolt framework. Moreover, it ensures a long time in case it is just kept in clean and with a little maintenance. It is capable of being included in the best paintball guns under $100.Tippmann Gryphon provides a smooth operation because of the inner gas line. It features a 10-inch barrel suitable for beginners that has the capacity to fire up to 8 balls per second. Also, it comes with a front grip that has a strong ergonomic design with an additional package that has a 200 round hopper. A blade trigger gives a smooth pull and operates on both carbon dioxide and HPA.

  • Very accurate in short-range
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • A little loud

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In short, there are a number of consumers who are contented and happy to buy this product as it is good for starters and it’s lightweight, reliable, and accurate. Truely, it is one of the best paintball guns under $100.

4-Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker, Best Entry-level Gun:spyder victor


It is another the finest entry-level weapon and it has more highlights of an expensive paintball marker. It has the most current technology and high-impact clamping bolster neck. Another feature is that it encompasses a standard Eko valve that gives the finest air source productivity accessible within the paintball market. It shoots exceptionally precise and without a jam and its worth for your dollar hence it is included within the best paintball weapon under $100. The weapon works impeccably fine with C02 and endures so much longer. The Eko Valve conveys and gives an astounding normal of 1600 shots per 20 oz CO2 tank compared to the standard 800 shots from standard paintball gun without this technology.

  • Shoots very accurately
  • Tool-free Striker Plug Design
  • Polymer trigger frame
  • Little problem may raise with the screw.

Check Price

In a word, a top-rated gun with a large number of satisfied customers. They also recommend others to buy it too as it is one of the best paintball guns under $100.

5-Valken Gotcha Paintball Shotgun – 50 Cal:

Valken Gotcha Paintball Shotgun

The Valken Gotcha Paintball shotgun is a spring-powered pumping action paintball gun for kids starting from 9 years. It is  including in the best paintball gun under $100. Valken Gotcha does not come with a hopper but you can add a 120 loader to the adapter. this gun uses 0.50 paintball guns which makes it safe for the kids. The hop-up spin system makes the gun accurate. It is spring powered so it does not require any gas propellant. Its shooting capacity is up to 130fps.

  • Anti-double feed
  • Accurate with good range
  • Durable
  • Picatinny  rail
  • No cons found

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6- TM Spyder Opus Rental Silver Gray Paintball Marker:

TM Spyder Opus Rental Gray

The .50 Caliber Spyder Opus takes Kingman’s demonstrated paintball innovation, includes some progression, and gives the player a great paintball firearm. The Opus is a mechanical self-loader paintball weapon Introducing the Kingman Spyder Opus .50-gauge paintball Gun. The Spyder Opus is the most recent expansion to the Kingman line of section paintball weapons. Worked around the great blowback plan, the Kingman Opus includes the utilization of the new 50-gauge paintball. Time allotment spent on the field is expanded in light of the fact that players don’t need to reload again and again their pods frequently. Its aluminum body makes it lightweight and durable. It is a lightweight paintball marker that is why it is easy to handle with a beautiful two-finger trigger. Velocity adjustability and in-line ASA some more features that add into its worth. It has 10” micro-ported barrel and beyond any doubt is best under $100.

t is littler, lighter, and progressively proficient product offering by diminishing the norm .68 Caliber paintball to this new .50 Caliber size. All related hardware is littler and lighter than .68 Caliber gear like the marker, loader, tank, and paintballs yet is fit for conveying double the volume of ammo. Players will be slanted to convey more paintballs and appreciate the game longer.

  • Inexpensive
  • Mechanical self-loader
  • Full-size shotgun
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • No cons available

Check Price

Overall, this gun has a lot of satisfied customers that is why it is one of the best paintball guns under $100.

7- JT E-Kast Electronic, A Great Starter Paintball Marker:

JT EKAST Electronic Pintball Gun

The JT E-KAST Paintball Marker is perfect to utilize both in serious games and practice. It has various modes to assist you in adjusting to various reaches and conditions. Its plan joins improved ergonomics for upgraded client comfort. With self-loader, three-round burst, and three firing modes. It can shoot up to 10 bps. This JT marker fires .68-gauge balls and highlights Picatinny rails that empower the simple connection of strategic frill and updates. It has multiple firing modes: Semi-Auto, 3rd Burst and Full Auto. Top positioning field strip pin for brisk and simple cleaning of your marker in the field.

  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple firing modes and options
  • Easy for beginners
  • Somewhat lacks accuracy

Check Price

It has been seen that this gun is perfect and suitable for beginners. It is affordable and of course very light to your wallet. Hence, it is the best paintball gun under $100 only!


1- Is paintball a secure sport?

Paintball is generally secure and mostly the plyers get hurt due to falling or when they run through or over the obstacles. If a player follows the rules and regulations made for safety, these kind of wounds is also avoidable.

2- Is there any age requirement for playing a paintball gun?

Ages more than 10 or more are permissible to play.

3- What should you do before buying a paintball gun?

How much are you getting to play, how much do you need to contribute, what kind of paintball do you need to play with it, and is it efficient? These are some common questions to keep in mind before buying a paintball gun. Do research to find answers to these questions.

4- How many paintballs are required to play a paintball gun?

An average number of required paintball guns is 200 per hour but it varies according to the skill level and shooting style of the player and also the gun.

5- Can you fix a paintball gun?

One of the truths of paintball is that your weapon is likely to break or go out of order for some reason. You may drop it, hit it with something, or essentially a portion wears out, you would need to fix it when something breaksSo, gain some knowledge to fix a gun. It will help you in your game.

Wrap up:

Buying the most excellent paintball marker under $100 can be a frightening job, particularly in case it is your first time to do so. You might get confounded with all the available highlights and unfamiliar terms used within the industry. In this case, you’ll be able to minimize the trouble amid the selection process with legitimate and exhaustive inquire about. Conduct research about all your accessible alternatives. Compare their stars and cons and figure out which one is the foremost suitable for you based on your correct inclination and playing fashion. Or else leave it to us and take help from our research and selection.


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