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While Airsoft and Paintball seem quite similar, these two games are very different from each other. Many people confuse these two games as one and that’s the main reason they lose the game.

Throughout this article, we will compare Airsoft and Paintball. We will also provide an overview of their similarities and differences. Let’s get started.

Airsoft vs Paintball:

Airsoft vs Paintball analysis

What is paintball?

Paintball is a competitive sport in which players defeat the opponent by shooting paintballs at them. The paintball must leave a mark on them for elimination. The paintball markers are used for this purpose. Paintball is played usually between 3 to 12 players at the competition level. The players have to mask and paintball-specific accessories to play the game.

What is Airsoft:

Airsoft is also a competitive shooting game but it is somewhat different from paintball. In this sport, players have to defeat the opponent by tagging not by marking as in the case of paintball. Like paintball, it does not leave any mark on the elimination player. Airsoft guns are used to play Airsoft sport. In paintball sport paintballs, however, in Airsoft, Airsoft pellets are used to tag the opponent.

Differences and similarities of Airsoft Vs Paintball:

Paintballs and Pellets:
This is a major difference between Airsoft and paintballs. On one hand, Airsoft uses BB pellets to play the game. These pellets are unbreakable and are impactful. Each team has a time limit and an objective that is a must to achieve. Airsoft operates on a specific system called the Honor system. Paintballs, on the other hand, use small, easy-to-break balls of paint. These are meant to break to leave a free sport with no limit of time and target. Elimination and capturing the flag is its main format.

Strike Power:
Another difference between Airsoft and Paintball is their strike power. Both guns use different balls for hitting, so both guns’ strike power is very different from one another.

Paintballs are heavier and solid. Their impact is also higher and powerful. Whereas, Airsoft pellets are small and light and are not as powerful as paintball. So, paintball is a highly powerful hitter as compared to airsoft pellets. That is why paintball players are instructed to wear face protection masks and google to avoid injuries.

Paint and Honor:
Airsoft and paintball, both are different in their operating system. For example, in paintball players have to leave a prominent mark on the opponent’s move ahead in-game.

This mark must be visible. In Airsoft, however, players do not have to leave a visible mark on the opponent. Airsoft players can cheat in the game. Both games need players to tag the opponent with the gun. But the difference occurs when paintballs leave a spot on the player while Airsoft pellets do not.

Types of Equipment:
Both games are different in terms of their accessories. Airsoft uses a gun, google (for eye protection), BB’s. Airsoft players can use other equipment’s but you can skip those. Whereas paintball players need a marker, a tank, a hopper, pod, gloves, vest, helmet, and google. Players have to wear these to play the game and you cannot skip these at any cost.

Functionality-wise, Airsoft and Paintballs are different. For example, Airsoft guns are a bit technical and a bit difficult to operate. The guns, however, are easy to move around. Paintballs markers, on the other hand, are easy to use and operate. These can also be carried on anywhere easily and flexibly.

Age Limitation:
Both sports have a similar age limitation for players. As both games involve a bit of maturity on part of players to play the game. So, both sports are allowed for kids having 10 years of age. Any kid playing Airsoft or Paintball less than 10 years of age will be illegal and create harm.

Airsoft and Paintball can be played anywhere. Woodland area, fields are commonly used venues for those sports, paintball, however, can be played in indoor zones for training and practice.

The operating system of Airsoft Vs Paintballs:
Airsoft guns and Paintball markers operate on a similar operating system. Both guns use CO2 to operate the guns. However, batteries and spring are also used to run these guns.

Airsoft and paintball markers are available in the market in different price ranges. A recent survey shows that paintball markers are a bit expensive because you need a lot of equipment with the market to okay the sport i-e googles, CO2, Paintball Paintballs, etc. Airsoft guns however are less expensive because you only need specific items to play the sport.

Differences at a Glance:

Airsoft vs Paintball:

  • Airsoft sport is less messy whereas paintball is a messy sport.
  • BB’s are cheap whereas Paintballs are a bit expensive.
  • Airsoft pellets are durable whereas Paintballs are less durable and can easily be broken down.
  • BBs are hard to track after hitting whereas Paintballs are easy to track after hitting.
  • Airsoft guns have a real military-style feel and look whereas Paintball guns don’t feel like military-style guns.
  • Airsoft guns are a bit complicated and technical whereas Paintball guns are easier to use.
  • Airsoft is a less famous sport whereas Paintball is a well-organized sport.
  • Airsoft sport gives you a realistic experience of a battlefield whereas paintball is played for recreation and thrill.
  • Airsoft has a focus on giving players a real military feel whereas Paintball focuses more on strategies, stealth, and teamwork.
  • BBs are small but fast whereas Paintballs are bigger and harder.
  • BBs are less energetic whereas Paintballs are highly energetic balls.
  • Airsoft magazine can hold up to BB’s whereas Paintball guns use a hopper to carry balls. The hopper can only carry 200 balls in it.

Final Comments:

In short, paintball and Airsoft are two completely different sports. There is nothing to confuse about these two but people still the same. We have tried to cover the main differences between these sports to make things clear to you.

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